We recognize 2023 donors to the AMIB Annual Fund and Year-End Appeal and the AMIB Endowment Fund, Inc. All of you have helped to make a difference in what we have been able to accomplish in our group homes and in the lives of our residents.


Amazon Smile
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Ambrose
Bradley Beach Event Patrons
Mr. Alberto Ballesteros
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bernstein
Melissa Briggs
Mr. Andrew Burak
Georgia H. Burke Trust
Angela Caputo
Frederick J. Carbone
Mr. and Mrs. August M. Careo
Mr. and Mrs. Ken J. Carson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Chickering III
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Clayton
Sally Corcoran
Albert R. Costa Charitable Trust
Ralph DeMarco
Gail DiMartino
Marilyn Donker
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Falknor
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Fields
Mr. David S. FitzMaurice
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frawley, Sr.
Robin A. Frees
The Peter & Midred Galanti Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Gillespie
Give Lively Foundation Inc.
Susan R. Gorsky
Mr. & Mrs. Cantor Daniel Green
Greenbriar Woodlands Women’s Club
Mr. and Mrs. John Gross
Kimball Halsey
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O. Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Sean C. Healey
Nicholas Iacono
Mrs. Marilyn Jacobson
Mr. Kevin Jespersen
Mr. and Mrs. Eric K. Johnsen
Johnsen Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Jones
Mr. Thomas C. Kahler
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Kelley III
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Killackey
Knights of Columbus Council #10899
Mr. Anthony Kokoll
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Koltiska
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Koza
Jeffrey Krehbiel
Sandra Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. David Langer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Malcolm
Mr. Al P. Maneki
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Manus
Ms. Mary McCarthy
Mr. Richard J. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Michaels
Carol F. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. A. Perry Morgan, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Frank F. Mountcastle, Jr.
NJ State Council Knights of Columbus
Cyndi Olsen
Mr. William T. Olsen
Kathleen Owen
Mr. Christian Paolino
Astrid Pedersen
Mrs. Lucille Petti-Goldblatt
Mrs. and Mr. Elizabeth Peyton
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Z. Rabinowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Raffel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ramsland
Mr. and Mrs. James Rose
The Barbara & Jeffrey Rubin Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton P. Seeland
Mrs. Marie Simonsen
Mr. Robert E. Simpson
C. Spencer Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Sommerville
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Soto
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Soto
Mr. and Mrs. George Spina
Carol L. Stocks
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tarshish
Tees & Novelties
Mrs. Melissa A. Terranova
The Competitve Advantage Companies
Mr. Angel Torres
Mr. Mark Weber
Mrs. Nathalie Weber
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Weeks
Joan A. Welsh
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. White
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wilson


Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Connin
Johnsen Family Fund
Manasquan Bank
Mr. Al P. Maneki
OceanFirst Foundation
Robert A. Mills Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Soto
The Charles B. Mathis Memorial Trust
The Hyde & Watson Foundation
The Rudolph Williams Charitable Trust
The William G. & Helen C. Hoffman Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carson
Johnsen Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Jones
Piper Sandler Companies
Mrs. Melissa A. Terranova


In Memory of Richard Ballesteros
Mr. Kenneth Leota
In Memory of Kenny P. Carson
Montauk/Marist Crew
Ms. Marie Smyth
In Memory of Verge Freeland
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wilson
In Memory of Carol Wexler Goldberg
Mr. Ken Aksman
Mr. Richard Blasko
Rocky DeMaria
Susan Elkin
Mr. Ed Grad
David Grumet
Sandra Hofferman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Karlin
Dana Kozak
Mr. Ray Kuslansky
Mr. Richard Mendelson
Hara Nemeth
Laurie Pearce
Lucy Rausch
Mr. Herbert Rosenblatt
Michele A. Sandman
Renee Schwartz
Diane Snyderman

Lisa Walstrom
Dawn Watson
Darrell Weinberg
In Memory of Austin & Clara Helle
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas N. Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Levine
In Memory of Muriel Martucci
Johnsen Family Fund
Mr. Gerard C. Kraus
John M. Saar
Jacob & Silas Soto
In Memory of George P. Martynuik
Mr. Phil Barbagallo
Batsto Citizens Committe, Inc.
Amy Bonn
Mr. Sal Colasardo
Carol Lizell
James Nicholson
The Nicholson’s (Lauren, Ashley, Andrea, and James)
Patricia A. Provnick
In Memory of Louis Weber
C. Spencer Smith
In Memory of Polly Wilson
Ms. Joan Collict


In Honor of Kenneth J. Carson, Jr.
and the great work he continues to do with AMIB

Montauk/Marist Crew
In Honor of Andrea Helle’s Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wilson
In Honor of Paul Martucci
Mr. John L. Gutbrod
In Honor of Christopher Martynuik’s Brother
and Sister-In-Law, David and Laurie Martynuik

Mr. and Mrs. George Martynuik
In Honor of the work of Marge McLean
Ms. Rae Ann Wessel
In Honor of Barbara Pambello
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Michaels
In Honor of Mary Blair Wilson
Dr. Madeleine Q. Ewing

Expense and revenue chart for 2023