A.M.I.B. Endowment Fund

An AMIB member with a staff member at an outdoor outing.Joining the A.M.I.B. Endowment Fund is your gateway to fostering lasting change. By becoming a valued member of our community, you not only contribute to the growth of the fund but also play a pivotal role in supporting initiatives that endure for generations.

Why Join the A.M.I.B. Endowment Fund?

  1. Sustainable Impact: Your contribution to the A.M.I.B Endowment Fund ensures a lasting impact, as it is strategically invested to generate continuous support for the AMIB mission.
  2. Secure the Future: By joining, you help secure the financial stability of our organization, providing a solid foundation for future endeavors and unforeseen challenges.
  3. Recognition and Appreciation: As a valued member, your commitment does not go unnoticed. Enjoy acknowledgment for your pivotal role in our mission and the progress we achieve together.

Joining is simple. Make an outright, tax-deductible contribution to the A.M.I.B. Endowment Fund. Your support directly fuels the sustainability and growth of our mission to serve individuals with disabilities from cradle to grave.

An AMIB member in a wheelchair wearing an American flag T-Shirt.

Ways to Join:

Click here for ways to support our individuals through the A.M.I.B. Endowment Fund, Inc

By joining our A.M.I.B. Endowment Fund, you become an integral part of a community dedicated to creating a positive, enduring impact. Together, let’s build a foundation that transcends time. Join us on this impactful journey today by contacting our Development Department at Development@AMIB.net or 848-420-2304.

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A.M.I.B. Endowment Fund Board

  • President Jerry Perez
  • Secretary Melissa A. Terranova Esq.
  • Treasurer Edward Gillespie
  • Kenneth J. Carson, Jr.
  • Michael K. Carson
  • Bob Pearson
  • Beverley Wilson Parry