Robert’s Story of Hope and Change

In the fall of 2023, Robert joined the AMIB family, seamlessly fitting into his new Manasquan home. His journey, marked by resilience and love, unveils the transformative power of compassion, support, and the unwavering dedication of the AMIB staff and his family.

As the youngest of three siblings (Cheryl, Joe, and Sandra), Robert has always been the joyous soul of the family, overcoming disabilities with an unbroken spirit. Born out of a collective effort by his family and others, a group home was established for Robert and his peers three decades ago, fostering a supportive environment that allowed him to lead a vibrant life, participating in the Special Olympics for bowling, swimming, and basketball.
However, a recent setback in the form of an ankle injury disrupted his routine. This injury did not allow for Robert to go back home; it required the need to find an accessible residence like AMIB. The injury also triggered a mental roadblock, instilling fear and unhappiness in Robert. His family hoped to find an emotionally supportive and barrier-free home.

In their pursuit of a better life for Robert, they connected with AMIB through a recommendation from a dedicated social worker. His sister said the iimpact of this decision has been nothing short of miraculous. Under the compassionate care of AMIB, Robert is not only moving physically but is also experiencing a remarkable uplift in his spirits. His family attributed Robert’s progress to the phenomenal and supportive Home Manager, Theresa. She has played a pivotal role in instilling confidence in Robert; starting every day with affirmations.

Expressing his newfound joy, Robert shared, I love my new home, and I want to play sports again. This goal is now a collaborative effort between Robert, Theresa, and the dedicated home support staff.

Robert’s story stands as a testament to the positive impact that compassion and support can have on an individual’s life. We celebrate the success of Robert’ journey and express our gratitude to his family and the AMIB staff for helping bring Robert back to himself.