Greetings and I hope this finds you well. All hands on deck as we approach the completion of renovations to our 17th and 18th homes and ramp up purchasing for vehicles, appliances, household food and cleaning supplies, furniture and linens etc… Donations like yours go towards these start up items to ready the homes for the individuals move in dates, likely to occur upon receipt of this newsletter. Your assistance also helps us hire staff prior to the homes being operational giving newer personnel time to acclimate to AMIB standards and procedures, complete necessary care trainings and begin learning about the support needs of the individuals in advance of them moving in. Very exciting times.

Be sure to check out our website in which we have given a face lift, making it easier to navigate and find updates on our services and happenings around AMIB.

Lastly, we miss you Mrs. Martucci and thank you (see page 3) for the motherly role played and influence you have had on the lives of the individuals served by AMIB, the staff alike, and for me personally, the smiles and laughs you had provided myself, my wife and my two boys throughout the years.

Best in health,
Aaron Soto