AMIB’s Self Directed Day Services

AMIB resident relaxing in a comfortable chair in living room.Since 2001, AMIB has been the visionary leader in self directed day services for individuals with developmental disabilities and visual impairments. Individuals do not attend traditional workshops but rather “self direct” their day by telling AMIB what is meaningful to them. AMIB assists in the implementation of in-house, community-based, and comfort/sensory stimulating activities.

How It Works

Self directing day support services are offered from a hubsite located in the group home from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. For individuals without the ability to communicate vocally or through sign, AMIB researches their history to discover what activities they enjoy and reinforces those activities throughout the week, and exposes them to new various community based activities.

Who Benefits

Anyone can benefit from AMIB’s proven self directed day services, including individuals with comprehensive needs, developmental disabilities, visual impairments, challenging behaviors, physical disabilities, ambulation challenges as well as those with limited to no experience participating in vocational or day habilitation.

Employment Opportunities

When participating in AMIB’s self directed day services, individuals may find employment opportunities. If an individual wishes to secure a job, AMIB provides job coaching and transportation.

The Day Program at AMIB provides residents with a variety of activities to simulate both their minds and bodies, including:
    • Trips designed to meet the residents’ needs, such as
      • Banking
      • Food Shopping
      • Hair Care (Hair Salon/Barber Shop)
      • Bowling
      • Swimming
      • Religious Events
    • Outings designed to inspire physical and mental growth, such as:
      • Therapeutic activity, such as horse riding and exercising in the park
      • Visiting animal shelters
      • Nursing homes visits to deliver “Happy” packages to the residents
      • Off-site Clubs (YMCA/YWCA, ceramic, cooking, etc.)
      • collect items to be donated
      • Sensory stimulation activities
      • Deliver Meals On Wheels
      • Practice money skills
      • Attend college courses on cooking
      • Engage in artistic endeavors, like arts & crafts, pottery, and painting
      • Visit areas of interest like movies, zoos, museums, and aquariums

AMIB Supplies:

  • Safe transportation to and from activity
  • A minimal of 3–4 community outings per week
  • Trained staff members to accompany the residents