AMIB Residential Program

Pet therapist with resdident, JuannaThe Residential Program at AMIB gives residents a variety of activities that enable them to gain important skills.
Our staff ensures that the residents receive the optimal specialized care. Their responsibilities include:

  • eaching and supporting skill acquisition in daily living, choice making, independence, and community integration.
  • Coordinating and following up on all medical care.
  • Training in daily living skills, such as personal hygiene, grooming, menu planning, and meal preparation.
  • Directing involvement in community: banking, shopping, attending worship services, participating in a variety of clubs (YMCA, ceramic, cooking), etc.
  • Providing assessments on all individuals regarding level of independence in skills such as money management and self-medication.
  • Coordinating opportunities for recreation/socialization activities within the community as well as with other residential programs.
  • Organizing transportation to and from day programs, competitive employment sites, medical/dental appointments, recreational activities in the community, etc.
  • Encouraging family interaction in all modes: visiting, letter writing, telephoning.
  • Access to assistive living devices by providing and promoting independence.
  • Improving orientation and mobility skills due to vision and/or multiple impairments.
  • Evaluating AMIB programs through the Quality Assurance Team to ensure that the finest services are being provided.

Community Based Residences

“No man is an island …”
John Donne, English poet and preacher

By living in a true home environment, AMIB residents are exposed to a plethora of opportunities. From everyday tasks, such as walking unassisted down a hallway, to special occasions, like celebrating a birthday in an upscale restaurant, AMIB is there to provide guidance and assistance. By forming a community within the home, residents make friendships that instill confidence. By venturing out into the local community, residents enjoy activities that serve as positive reinforcement. As community is important to our residents, community is essential to AMIB.