AMIB presents this year’s Sister Mary Byrnes Award to Wajeedah Anderson in recognition of her outstanding contributions caring for AMIB individuals. Wajeedah is dedicated staff member who joined the AMIB team over five years ago, making an immediate impact by assisting in the opening of a new home just two months into her tenure. Bringing a wealth of experience in working with the special needs population, she has since become an indispensable part of both that home and the broader AMIB community.

During her initial days, her expertise played a crucial role in supporting a new manager, providing guidance in schedule creation, home organization, and staff training. Her deep understanding of our individuals allows her to anticipate their wants and needs, even when unexpressed. Notably, Wajeedah’s commitment to excellent attendance is evident, having missed fewer than five days in her five years of dedicated service.

This compassionate team member consistently goes above and beyond, readily covering shifts at other homes when needed. Advocating passionately for our individuals, she suggests and organizes activities aligned with their interests. Her involvement extends beyond scheduled hours, rearranging her time to participate in events for the individuals, showcasing an unparalleled dedication to their well-being.

Wajeedah’s keen observational skills make her the first to notice any changes in health or behavior among our individuals. Task-oriented and always seeking ways to assist others, she has been recognized as a Mentor, imparting the AMIB way to new staff at the beginning of their journey. Quickly offering suggestions and innovative ideas, she actively contributes to enhancing the overall home environment and meeting the unique needs of the individuals served.

Above all, she consistently prioritizes the needs of the individuals, making her an invaluable asset to AMIB’s commitment to Always Making it Better. Congratulations Wajeedah on this well-deserved honor!